whytheyrehot:  Why He’s Hot:  Come on, look at those fucking perfect white-ass TEETH. Surely you can’t not fall for a guy with sparkling pearls in his mouth like those. He makes having no ass possibly the sexiest thing ever.  And when he wears his pants below it, it’s like BAM! you automatically want to say “oh fuck me please.” His HAIR. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t mind running your fingers through his pure-sex bleached locks.  His hair is probably better than your boyfriends, so much that you wish his hair was this bangable.  He can pull of the suit and tie ensemble. Don’t like, you’re probably jizzing in your skinnies right now just looking at him.  Don’t lie. He plays the motherfucking drums like a BEAST. Seriously, he’ll blow your mind out of the fucking water.  Infact, you’ll even fuck the water you’ll be so mesmerized.  {submission}  PORRA KYLE, DENTES BRANCOS, SEM BUNDA, CABELO PALHA E TOCAR BATERIA FEITO UMA BESTA? POR ISSO VOCÊ É HOT? PORRA KYLE, VOCÊ É HOT PORQUE VOCÊ É KYLE BURNS.



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